"The pandemic has revealed itself as both unrelenting and undiscriminating. While, in some ways, it has placed a glaring spotlight on our limitations and shortcomings as human beings, it has also underscored the almost superhero qualities of our nation’s healthcare professionals."

Julie E. Williamson, Editor and Director of Communications for the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management

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About Us

P4 is comprised of four voices in the Sterilization, Reprocessing, Business and Leadership arenas that came together to share key takeaways from their experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In hopes that leaders understand how to be proactive every day, so when the next pandemic comes, these leaders are prepared for whatever comes their way. What I Learned During the Pandemic (WILD: The Pandemic) is an essential must-read for anyone looking to better understand how the novel coronavirus has impacted critical, yet often overlooked departments, and people. The authors’ insight serves as a much-needed guidepost, not only as the world continues to learn more about the moving target that is novel coronavirus, but also as professionals look to one another to apply the valuable lessons learned to help tame future beasts.  

Meet the P4 industry voices below!

Sharon Greene-Golden


IAHCSMM Past President, Author, Sterilization Advocate

Featured on the TODAY Show©, best-selling author Greene-Golden has presented and educated at national, regional and local IAHCSMM meetings. She is a highly sought after speaker that presents on the international circuit including the Aesculap Academy in Germany, and the World Sterilization Congress in Japan, Portugal, Turkey, and New Zealand. Greene-Golden educates medical professionals in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and in emerging countries such as Bangladesh and Tanzania.

Karen Cherry


SIPS Consults, Kacy's Properties, Author

Cherry has three plus decades in Healthcare, and is the author of “CSPD Management: What Should I Do?” Her knowledge of Central Sterile and Materials Management within hospital systems has provided her with the expertise to analyze processes within these environments, and to recommend and implement best practices to her clients. Cherry is the proud owner of SIPS Consults and Kacy’s Properties.

Lila Price


Sterilization Educator, Author

Educator Extraordinaire and quality specialist for high-level disinfection and sterilization, Price is involved in quality assurance and training for all reprocessing areas enterprise wide. She currently holds the title of Director of Education for the Mid Atlantic Central Service Association (MACSA) Chapter under the IAHCSMM Board.

Sharyn Combs


UCDI Leadership, Human Behavior Consultant, Author

Combs is an Independent Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Team, a Personality Insights DISC Consultant, Founder of UCDI Leadership and host on the online forum “Knowledge or Nonsense.” She specializes in vision casting, team engagement, and fostering ownership among employees. Combs is the author of the emotional intelligence gem, “Hold Your Form.” and her Progressive Leadership Mentoring Program was developed specifically for Sterile Processing Professionals to ascend the career ladder and improve marketability.